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The One Visit Crown (OVC) is brought to you by Rhondium

Our mission is to make quality dental treatments more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Rhondium’s first product, the hybrid-ceramic One Visit Crown (OVC) is set to revolutionise dentistry. It provides a lower cost, more convenient alternative for dentists to offer patients; a durable, tooth-coloured crown that can be completed in only one appointment – saving both time and money.

Proudly made in New Zealand, the One Visit Crown was first launched in 2013, and has been used by many dentists since its release. Already, over 20,000 One Visit Crowns have been placed in patient’s mouths.

The Rhondium team are highly skilled specialists, all brought together by their passion to create quality, innovative and cutting-edge products for the dental industry. The latest high-tech manufacturing methods are used such as 3D CAD design software, full five-axis, high-precision CNC milling machines and 3D printing.

OVC inventor Dr Simon McDonald says: “It’s about doing things differently, and better. Our mission is to dramatically transform how dentists work, to create better results for both patients and dentists by making dental treatments more accessible and affordable. Through using the latest technology and applying very clever thinking, we can provide simple yet highly effective and innovative products.”

Dr McDonald is no stranger to inventing innovative products for dentists. His previous invention, the V3 Sectional Matrix System, took the dental industry by storm.